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The Experience Dental Membership

The Experience Dental Membership is designed to reduce the cost of dental care for you and your family. Our team wanted to help as many people as possible get quality dental care when the time comes. The membership is a solution designed to alleviate the financial burden of dental care for individuals and families who do not have insurance coverage. We came up with this program that aims to provide affordable access to high-quality dental services, ensuring that oral health remains a priority without the added stress of extra costs. With the membership plan, participants can enjoy discounts on a wide range of dental treatments, including crowns, dentures, root canals, extractions, and more. The plan offers 15% in savings for each enrolled member based on the included treatment list (see table). It cannot be combined with any other discount or insurance. The yearly membership fee is $575 and includes these services twice a year:
  • Complete exams
  • Full Mouth X-Rays
  • Additional X-Rays
  • Adult/Child Basic Cleaning
Non-Member Fee is based on the National Dental Advisory Service. *Prices subject to change
Diagnostic & Preventative CareExperience Dental Member Fee
Comp ExamFree*
Full Mouth X-RaysFree*
Single X-RayFree*
Additional Single X-RaysFree*
Adult CleaningFree*
Child CleaningFree*
Fluoride Varnish$10
*Limited to twice per annual membership year.
Root Planning & Scaling (Full Quad)
Root Planning & Scaling (1-3 Teeth)
Perio Maintenance
Oral Surgery
Simple Extraction
Surgical Extraction
Restorative Care
1 Surf Ant/Fill Composite
2 Surf Ant/Fill Composite
3 Surf Ant/Fill Composite
4 Surf Ant/Fill Composite
1 Surf Post/Fill Composite
2 Surf Post/Fill Composite
3 Surf Post/Fill Composite
4 Surf Post/Fill Composite
Root Canal (Anterior)
Root Canal (Bicuspid)
Root Canal (Molar)
Porcelain to Fused High Nobel
Porcelain to Base Metal
Build Up
Complete Upper Denture
Complete Lower Denture
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